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PHONE OFFICE  OFFICE: 1-647-272-5544

With this brand promise they clearly position ourselves beyond the realms of everyday norms. This promise underpins everything they do.

A closely guarded secret: Our enamel
Gaggenau has had plenty of time to build up a very special expertise: In their early production of enameled signs they acquired valuable skills for the manufacture of enameled ovens. Today, the typical blue Gaggenau enamel is a recognized brand and quality mark – and its recipe is a closely guarded trade secret.

Glass plates, oxides and chemical additives are ground, mixed in accordance with a secret recipe, and sprayed on the surface of the oven cavity in an extra-thick layer.

This special blend not only allows the inside of their ovens to gleam in the blue tone that's typical for Gaggenau, but also makes the automatic self-cleaning process possible. Stubborn stains can be easily removed.

The range of Gaggenau Products are:
Bosch 800 Series Kitchen

We are representatives and dealers of Bosch.

The Bosch kitchen.
Perfection in every detail.

Bosch brings its expertise in European design to your kitchen, offering a perfectly flush line that blends in seamlessly to any kitchen style.

The range of Bosch Kitchen - 800 Series:


Our ProductsWe can offer the products of the following brands: ELMWOOD, POGGENPOHL, DECOR, NATURE KAST and GAGGENAU..


Our Green Vision

Our Green VisionWe at GT Kitchen & Bath Inc. believe in greener living and in keeping our planet a clean & beautiful place.


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